the_charity_2Jaide’s Stage Studios Ltd helps to provide free and subsidised places in all disciplines of dance, drama & singing for young people, including the disadvantaged, underprivileged, special needs, under-academic achievers, ethnic minorities etc., subject to funding available.


By offering opportunities within the performing arts, we would hope to reduce potential anti-social behaviour by offering a healthier lifestyle within a structured and fun environment benefitting the whole community.

The government constantly encourages healthier lifestyles through exercise to reduce the increasing problem of obesity & offering better education for young people, but unfortunately do not provide any funds.


The local community constantly complain there is very little to do for children and crime is on the increase, but we all eventually realise how rewarding & beneficial ‘performing arts’ can be, especially academically at school by increasing self esteem & confidence and also for a young person’s future and even a career.
We are constantly trying to raise awareness and organise our own ‘fund raising’ events. Any help, no matter how small would really be appreciated and we would love to meet you. Please contact us on 01788 562729.

Alternatively, if you feel you can support us by making a donation, please text JSSP12 followed by the amount you wish to donate to 70070 eg JSSP12 £1 Texts are free so you will not be charged!

We also ask for a £1 ‘Voluntary Contribution’ (25p per week), which we include on all monthly invoices, 50% of the total amount is equally divided and deducted from your costumes for the Annual Show, the remainder goes into the Charity Fund.

We also collect old clothes, bed linen, curtains, shoes, bags, belts, jewellery – new, old, broken, mobile phones, and old & new banknotes from any country.

We have a recycling box in reception or we can collect.




We are delighted to be selected to have our charity pots distributed in various businesses around Rugby Town Centre for our school, which provides free and subsidised dance placements to children who are dis-advantaged, under privileged, families on low incomes, special needs & the ethnic minorities subject to funding!!! Every penny counts – thank you so much to all our local business owners !! xx


Any donation no matter how small is very gratefully accepted.






As a local charity, we are forever looking for local businesses as partners and sponsors. To show our gratitude, we have dedicated this section to advertise and provide information about our partners.

If you would like to become a partner or a sponsor, please Contact Us for more information.




On 2nd September 2016 we received £9948.00 from the ‘Big Lottery Fund’


We applied for a specific project for children from 18 months to 6yrs.  Our project was needed to help disadvantaged children from Rugby to gain the benefits that dance can give them – to start life with a healthy lifestyle, spend time with new friends, to gain in confidence and learn to express themselves, and so begin school with the skills needed to succeed in future life. Taking part in and having a variety of activity and experiences is very important to early years children, helping them to develop good healthy habits, and contributing hugely to personal development and social skills. Children who arrive at school with poor development levels often lag behind their peers for life. Too many children from low income households across Rugby suffer this fate.



This project will provide an avenue for young children from disadvantaged backgrounds to develop physically and emotionally – one which they might not otherwise have available to them. Thus the project can provide them with a great start in life, and a chance to develop an interest in dance, which will keep them healthy and give them a tool for self-expression and continuous personal development for life.




In July 2016 we were awarded with £100.00 from ‘THE HEART OF ENGLAND CO-OPERATIVE’ to help towards gymnastic mats


Funding – ‘CSW Sport Organisation’


In June 2016 we received an award of £816.00 from the ‘CSW Sport Organisation’, with a further £544.00 on completion of a 16 week dance project for children aged 5/6yrs to 11yrs. The funding would also cover Advertising costs together with medals & certificate costs with an hour for Adjudicator cover.