Below are a few recent testimonials.

Parents :

Jaide is a hardworking, dedicated, professional and determined young lady, giving 100% commitment to her dance school and her students. At only 23 years old she has progressed to own her own purpose-built dance studios (designed and financed personally by herself and her mother) and teaches around 200 students per week

As a Committee member & CRB Chaperone, I speak on behalf of all the hundreds of parents whose children happily attend Jaide’s each week, and all are proud to be a part of this growing organisation. We have total peace of mind that our children have developed a thriving interest which will take them far in life which we believe is brilliant grounding for a future career.

Jaide teaches students ranging from the age of 18 months to mature adults with varying backgrounds and abilities in all dance related subjects. In order to achieve the best from each student requires great interpersonal skills which Jaide clearly demonstrates. It is important that the students have an enjoyable time in their classes and my daughter loves her lessons and looks forward to them each week. As her parent, I am assured she is in a safe and friendly environment and is having a wonderful time.

Jaide shows amazing patience and kindness to her students which is a credit for someone so young. Coupled with this she has a firm commitment to achieving high standards and discipline, thus seeking out the very best in her students. She gives not only professional tuition but also encouragement, guidance and support for students to improve, progress and enjoy. In turn the dance school is a professional, efficient and well organised organisation.

Jaide, with the close support of her mother, Sandra, provides opportunities to her students which children in Rugby and surrounding areas may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience and benefit. These include performing on stage at Annual Shows and competitive festivals, performing at Disneyland in Paris and in West End Theatres, at local fetes, carnivals and helping support other charity events.

Attending and performing at charity events gives something back into the community which benefits a whole range of people in Rugby. Jaide’s school also organised a fundraising show for a gentleman, Colin Howe, whose plight was highlighted in the local press suffering with terminal cancer and raised thousands of pounds to give him a better qualify of life with drugs that were not made available to him through the PCT.

The above events are highly professional and polished, and to achieve such standards requires talent, hard work, dedication and patience on Jaide’s part. Having attended a number of events it is clear the students love performing and enjoy themselves, they have so much talent and dedication – which is nurtured and developed by Jaide. Jaide receives an abundance of compliments after her shows, including wonderful words of support from people such as Sylvia Young from the famous Sylvia Young Theatre School in London, Wayne Sleep OBE, from many local Councillors, the Mayor who attends each show, Andy King – Parliamentary Spokesman, and comments were also received from Arlene Philips – ‘a real feather in her cap!’

In addition to running the dance school, Jaide offers opportunities for young talented dancers to become ‘student teachers’ and under Jaide’s guidance and tuition, they learn the skills of teaching other youngsters the art of dance. Jaide gives young people the chance to develop interpersonal skills with both the students and the parents.

The combination of attendance at the school and participating in the organised events naturally builds students’ confidence and installs a discipline which will no doubt assist them education and later life.

Personally, I have noticed a significant growth of confidence in my daughter and, I believe, is attributed largely from attending the dance school and Jaide’s positive influence. My daughter is learning the wonderful art of dance and as a result having a great social life through the school, making many new friends.

I have no doubt whatsoever, that Jaide’s Stage Studios, especially with their new location and beautifully refurbished studios will go from strength to strength and Rugby should be extremely proud to have both Jaide and Sandra as part of their community.

Jaide is an inspiration to so many, and deserves to be recognised and rewarded for commitment and dedication to the community. If there were Oscars awarded for people like this, she would certainly be in the nominations!

This is my way of thanking each of them which I hope will help towards achieving an award, and on behalf of all the parents for whom I speak, ‘Good Luck’ to you both.

Our daughter started tuition under Jaide through the lessons that she runs in local primary/infant schools. We were impressed from the start at how professionally the classes were run, with a show for parents at the end of each term to enable them to see their children’s progress. Children were greatly encouraged and rewarded by receiving a special certificate every term.

Our daughter subsequently enrolled with Jaide’s Stage Studios and we’ve never looked back!

It is very obvious that Jaide loves what she does and I believe that this is reflected in the classes that she runs. Because of her natural ability and professionalism she brings out the best in, each and every pupil and they are all very committed to her; this is evident when going to the studios and seeing how eager her pupils are to attend lessons. Anyone waiting in the waiting room at the studios will hear them discussing their latest moves and any forthcoming events. Being able to control a group of children is not always an easy task but Jaide manages it with ease.

She works extremely hard and spends hours preparing for shows and festivals which all her pupils love performing in. Nothing is too much trouble and she is always prepared to help her pupils as much as possible and in many ways, be it by giving extra lessons or help with costumes. She makes time for everyone. Each pupil is treated as an individual and her attitude towards them is very caring. 

She is very committed to improving her own professional level of dance and undertakes the necessary training and exams to do so, whilst continuing to run her own school – no easy feat.

I believe that through her commitment, her talent and great dedication, Jaide brings a great deal of happiness to a lot of youngsters I believe that they benefit greatly from all they do with her and, that with her help, they are growing into confident, well-rounded individuals, with an appreciation for dance and the performing arts.

I enrolled my daughter into Jaides Stage Studios dancing school in January 2006. This was partly because she was quite introverted and I thought it would improve her confidence before she started school in the September. Thanks to her lessons at Jaide’s Stage Studios, she is more outgoing and her confidence has rocketed.

Due to my daughter’s shy nature, Jaide ‘took her under her wing’. We have found Jaide to be very encouraging and confidence building in her teaching methods. My daughter begun with the street dance classes and was encouraged to add ballet and tap dancing to her dancing timetable about 12 months ago, which she is thoroughly enjoying and also shows real potential in all three classes. The discipline that provides the structure to the lessons is of a nature where the children enjoy every aspect of each session whilst still learning how to conduct and compose themselves.

Jaide is positive with all her pupils and takes the time to get to know each and every one of them on a personal level. She gauges easily what each child’s capability is and highlights their strengths, encouraging them to improve their skills.

The relationship Jaide has with the parents of her students is also admirable – Jaide is always available to listen to any concerns a parent may have about their child and gives clear instructions and guidance in relation to upcoming events and shows that the children are to be involved with.

All in all, Jaide is a lovely young lady with an amazing talent to pass on to her students.

“Thanks for everything, its really appreciated”


Chloe Skipp

I first joined Jaide’s Stage Studios in the autumn of 2005 after taking part in and thoroughly enjoying some classes run by Jaide at my primary school. When I first began, I was rather shy, but I soon overcame this and became close friends with many of my classmates – many of which I am still good friends with, over eleven years later. Jaide soon encouraged me to add street dance to my schedule of ballet and tap, and throughout the years I have taken up a wide variety of other classes, all of which I have loved.

In my many years with the school, I have gained many awards and graded examinations with consistently high results, none of which would have been possible without Jaide and the support of the rest of the school. I am extremely proud of the high levels I have achieved with the school in my dancing career, having attained Grade 6 in ballet among many other qualifications. I have performed in countless shows and events throughout my time at the school, including local fairs, competitions and festivals, as well as the school’s own show, which have all helped to improve my confidence.

I am also extremely aware of the skills being part of Jaide’s Stage Studios has given me. I have recently become a student teacher, an opportunity which other schools may not have offered, and now understand more than ever the hard work, long hours and dedication Jaide has had to put into the school to result in the consistent high marks and continual success which each and every student has achieved here. Without my invaluable experiences within the school, I would not have been able to do many of the things I have done in other aspects of my life as Jaide has helped to give me the confidence needed to strive for my goals and the determination to succeed in all of my endeavours.

I am thoroughly proud to be able to say that I am a part of Jaide’s Stage Studios and I believe that the school deserves to be recognised for all of the amazing work they do, especially as Jaide has managed to build such a successful community single-handedly.


Amanda Hudson

I cannot express how impressed we are with Jaide’s Stage Studios. Our daughter has been attending for a couple of years and enjoys every minute.

Jaide is completely brilliant at dealing with the children and getting the most out of them – and getting them to enjoy the experience of dance.

With professionally recognised qualifications and guides, not only does our daughter (soon to be daughters) enjoy herself, but does so within the rules and guidelines. Our daughter’s confidence has come on so much since starting at Jaide’s, which has also helped her so much in school too.

I couldn’t recommend Jaide herself, her mother who fully supports her throughout or the school enough. Thank you!!  FANTASTIC !!!! x x x


Lynne Hardy

Jaide’s Stage Studios is a local ‘Performing Arts School’ with a difference.  The school is run by a small, dedicated team who devote their time and energy into the development and well-being of their students as well as a registered charity for those less fortunate.

The school provides a safe and secure environment for children to have fun, flourish and achieve their dreams.  The school and its students have achieved an abundance of successes over the years.  With outstanding exam results, successful shows and festival places, the school continues to grow and invest every opportunity it can into its students.

Principal, Jaide Ellery-Martin is an inspiration to all her students.  As well as a talented and accomplished performer, she is a gifted teacher without a doubt.  Her love of dance and devotion to her students is translated in the endless hours she commits to developing each and every one of them both personally and professionally.  Through her teaching, Miss Jaide guides her students with care and passion.  She understands the challenges of the industry and provides the children with support and guidance way beyond expectations.  She has the ability to engage with children of all ages, encouraging them to reach their potential.  Her influence turns out well groomed and disciplined youngsters. To her credit, she has a school full of confident, well behaved and talented children that respect and admire her.

Sandra Ellery dedicates her life to supporting her daughter and the running of the school.  Sandra is a successful business woman who is fundamental in the organisation of the day-to-day running and co-ordination of events at the school.  She is relentless in her efforts to develop opportunities for the benefit of the students.  She has excellent relationships will parents and is always on hand to discuss any issues they may have.  Always going the extra mile, she is also a ‘mother’ figure to the children with many of them drawn to her, seeking advice and guidance on issues in and out of the school.

Jaide’s Stage Studios has worked incredibly hard to achieve charitable status to offer free and subsidised places for less fortunate children.  This status was only secured through sheer perseverance and determination to offer something special to the children of the local community.  I know the main driver for both Jaide and Sandra is to give all children the opportunity to experience and express themselves through performing arts, an opportunity some may never have had.

Both Jaide and Sandra work tirelessly to develop good, strong relations with both parents and students.  Both sacrifice endless hours of their own time to build a sense of community within the school for all parents and students.  In the past year, the following has been introduced to support the school’s commitment to responding to the needs of its students:

  • A Parent Committee to ensure that both parents and students have the opportunity to contribute and share their ideas
  • Support meetings for children who require extra attention
  • Peer group meetings
  • Complaints procedure
  • Numerous fun events throughout the year so that everyone gets the opportunity to feel a part of something special

I have two children that attend the school throughout the week for a variety of classes. Both children have attended since they were toddlers.  I continue to send my children to Jaide’s Stage Studios for the reasons I outline in this testimonial.

I give my full support to the team at Jaide’s Stage Studios.  The Mother and Daughter duo, supported by student teachers, never fail to put every effort into creating something special and proud to be a part of.  They do a remarkable job and I am thrilled that my children are part of this school.


Tracy Stewart Eadon

My daughters Joanna and Isabelle have attended Jaide’s Stage Studios –  for almost 8 years after joining the “just for fun” class when they were 4 and 6 respectfully.

Since joining the school both girls have progressed through the Primary IDTA classes for ballet, tap, street dance and gymnastics and are now currently both in the Inter classes and also for lyrical and Jazz  They have both performed in numerous annual shows and festivals achieving many internationally accredited IDTA awards over that time. Joanna has also become a student teacher this year, which if it wasn’t for Jaide’s encouragement she would never have had the confidence she has since gained.

I have also have an older daughter who is 19 years and attended several classes, and sadly left a couple of years ago to attend College. My 9 year old daughter Jessica, joined the girls at Jaide’s in September 2016, and has just passed her first ever exams and looking forward to taking part in her first Show to be held in June.

Our experience of the dance school as a whole has been absolutely amazing!   We are always kept up to date with upcoming events, rehearsal times and schedules with regular newsletters and private Facebook updates, allowing us to keep dates free so the girls never miss.  Both Jaide & Sandra are very professional, kind and approachable and nothing is too much trouble whatever time of day or night!

As a dance teacher, Miss Jaide is an excellent role-model, a wonderful inspiration to her students and the whole community, and takes time if the students struggle and understands that not everyone will shine in every class. She will push those that do shine, which shows Jaide has patience and consistency allowing them to grow each week.  The hard work that is involved in learning to dance teaches our girls important life skills that they will and already are taking throughout their lives.  My girls have grown so much since attending Jaide’s, they are very eager to learn new dances and are extremely healthy and fit because of the consistency and discipline required for dancing.

My girls love going to Jaide’s Stage Studio and will continue for many years to come, especially as they auditioned and were selected to be part of a ‘commitment class’, enabling them to take part in events representing Rugby, including shows and competitive festivals.


Izabela Slatcher

It was March 2010 when my four year old daughter attended her first ever dance lesson at Jaide’s Stage Studios. She was very nervous but we received a great welcome at the school.  Sandra and Jaide were warm, friendly and very professional. Since I have got to know both of them well enough to know how passionate, determined and hardworking they are and how much the success of the business and the students means to them.

Jaide’s level of qualifications allows her to be the best qualified of all dance teachers which obviously benefits her students immensely.

Over the years their school has expanded dramatically and they invested their own personal money to refurbish a derelict building into beautiful purpose built dance studios, which is now a welcoming home to so many.

Jaide’s Stage Studios is a very proud organiser of impeccably rehearsed public shows, of which the students and parents impatiently look forward to every year.  These events allow my daughter and the students to showcase their progress and skills in a professional environment. Directed, produced and choreographed by Jaide, these annual shows are always a breath- taking mixture of music, dance, singing of amazing talent!  The routines are fresh, ambitious and rehearsed to perfection, the costumes – bright and colourful and the cast absolutely fabulous. The girls and boys from the age of 3yrs to 18yrs – trained by perfectionist Jaide -always give a 100% on stage; they brighten up the theatre with big smiles and make the parents vey proud indeed.

I have absolutely no doubt that Jaide and Sandra love what they do. It shows in the way the classes are run. They both have a natural ability and professionalism to encourage students to do the best. The pupils enjoy the classes; they work hard and want to make Jaide and Sandra proud. I do believe that thanks to Sandra and Jaide’s dedication and commitment, the students that attend the school are given many opportunities to live a dream, grow in confidence, learn social skills and followed by Jaide’s example learn a valuable lesson in that you need to work hard in order to be successful. They truly are inspirational, and Rugby should be proud of Jaide’s brilliant achievements and recognise her continuation to achieve, her dedication, commitment and hard work!
It’s been over three years now since my daughter and I joined Jaide’s, and none of us can imagine our lives without it. My daughter has change immensely over the last three years and I know this is thanks to this school.  My daughter has grown from a very shy girl into a confident young lady, who is 100% committed and loves every minute of it. Enrolling my daughter and getting involved with the school was one of the best decisions I have ever made. We are very proud that we are a part of this amazing family and I wish them all the best for the future – they honestly deserve it!


Carrie and Miles Harvey

My daughter Summer has attended Jaide’s Stage Studios – School of Performing Arts for almost four years after joining their melody bear class when she was 3 years old.  Since joining the school Summer has progressed through Preparatory and currently attends the Primary IDTA classes for ballet, tap, street dance and gymnastics.  She has had the opportunity of performing in an annual show, a festival and has gained multiple internationally accredited IDTA Rosettes in the last four years.

Our experience with the dance school as a whole has been nothing but professional, positive and encouraging.  We are continually kept up to date with forthcoming events, rehearsals and schedules through newsletters and facebook updates, allowing us to plan around the commitment we have made to the school.  The preparation involved in organising the bi-annual show and festival is apparent as they are always carried out in a professional and well-structured manner and have been a delight to attend.

As a dance teacher, Miss Jaide has been an excellent role-model and inspiration to not only Summer, but also to the many other students who attend, providing a safe and happy atmosphere for her to thrive and learn.  Miss Jaide has shown patience and consistency, establishing the basics in all four dance genres to allow Summer’s confidence to grow and continue to improve week on week.  The discipline that’s involved in learning to dance as well as the need to work hard and as a team has helped to teach our daughter very important life skills that she will no doubt take with her throughout her life.  The physical benefits she receives from her lessons and practice at home include increased strength, flexibility and stamina which we hope will stand her in excellent stead as she grows.  Summer is more than happy at Jaide’s Stage Studios and we will always encourage her to continue in developing her skills through her love of dance.


Rosie Bayliss

I have been attending Jaides Stage Studios since I was 2 ½ years old and have thoroughly enjoyed the time I have spent at the school.

In this time, I have studied Ballet, Tap, Modern, Lyrical, Acro and Jazz following the IDTA Syllabus. Jaide has supported and guided me to obtain excellent results in all the examinations I have taken.  This has allowed me to start and pursue my dreams of becoming a Dance Teacher as I am now studying Dance Full-Time and am preparing to take my teaching exams.

Whilst at Jaides I took part in numerous shows, workshops with famous choreographers and performed at many dance festivals showcasing our work.  We have had many amazing opportunities to perform on the West End and at public events and these have given me many memories to cherish.

Jaides high standards of teaching and expectations have prepared me well by giving me many different skills such as confidence, poise, presentation and punctuality in all I do. This was further enhanced by Jaide giving me an opportunity to become a ‘Student Teacher’.   During this role, I was encouraged to pass on my experience to the younger students and start to develop my teaching skills.    I achieved great results in my GCSE’s because of the focus I gained through the experience and opportunities of dancing.

Not only has Jaide given me skills for the working world, she has also helped me when I have needed guidance in my early teenage years when ‘high school politics’ took its toll.

I have made many lifelong friends through Jaides who are all part of a supportive network developed by Jaide.

After being at Jaides for 14 years I have become an independent, confident and respectful young lady.  I have no hesitation on recommending Jaide and her dance school. It has given me the best start to life.


Sara Cuddihy

Both of my girls attend Jaides Stage Studios and the only way I can describe it is amazing. My girls are aged 2 and 5 and have become so passionate about dancing and that is all due to the way that Jaide teaches them. Even my 2 year old cannot wait for her lesson and adores Jaide. They are becoming confident little girls and I know that this is down to finding something outside of school that they enjoy and feel part of.

Jaides is situated conveniently in town and the fees are very reasonable. The studios are very clean with a waiting room for the parents and the dance studio itself is a great space which has everything that the dancers need. Lessons are held at convenient times and regularly through the week to fit in with school and they always try and accommodate you in lessons that you want to attend. Jaide & Sandra really listen to feedback and try to give lessons that children will enjoy and are always bringing in new classes.  They hold exams and dance shows which my 5 year old looks forward to and enjoys so much. As a parent I feel part of a community where all the parents come together and this is due to how Jaide and her team treat both children and parents. We get feedback on how the children are doing and feel part of it all. Whenever I call or contact them I am always dealt with not only professionally but with understanding. I never have any hesitation in recommending them to friends because I know how well they will be looked after. My children have tried other activities outside of school but nothing can come close to their experiences they have with Jaides. My 5 year old doesn’t even blink about getting on stage in front of an audience because she knows that Jaide will be with her the whole time and she makes sure that she is rehearsed and prepared for it.

Jaides stage studios totally deserves to win awards for what Jaide and Sandra do, they work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that everything runs smoothly and everyone is happy and enjoying what they do – when working with children this is a difficult task and they deserve the recognition for what they do.


Senga Stewart & Jonathan Richards

Our daughter started dancing at Jaide’s Stage Studios in January 2011. She initially attended the ‘Teeny Bop’ class which focuses on young children between four and six years in a ‘fun only’ class.  Since then, she has moved on to higher syllabus classes in: Ballet, Tap, Street Dance, and Tricks & Tumbles.  Thanks to the amazing dedication and passion Jaide has in teaching her students, our daughter has not only learned some wonderful dance skills, passed several dance exams and performed in her first show, her confidence has grown in leaps and bounds.

It wasn’t long before our son wanted to follow in her footsteps.  There was no need to think about which Dance School he should attend; Jaide’s Stage Studios was an obvious and natural choice as we had come to respect the school so much, and the way in which it is run.  He also joined the ‘Teeny Bop’ class and immediately ‘fell in love’ with Miss Jaide who really connects with the children.

Jaide and Sandra work tirelessly and dedicate themselves tremendously to everything that is Jaide’s Stage Studios. Despite the long hours etc. their enthusiasm, patience and customer care never falters. Jaide & Sandra are always kind, pleasant and professional and any problems that may arise are dealt with promptly, efficiently and without any fuss.

I would most definitely, highly recommend Jaide’s Stage Studios to anyone looking to enrol their child into learning structured dance. We personally wish them every success for the future !


Andy King

Former Labour Parliamentary Spokesman for Rugby Constituency

I have been privileged to have had regular contact with her Stage Studios from the very beginning and have witnessed the transformation of this business venture into a very robust enterprise.

What makes this business so very special is the way Jaide encourages and inspires the children, workers and volunteers to achieve outstanding results. She does so in a way that helps build confidence in their ability to make progress in their skill levels and in realising their potential.

Jaide is a very talented and gifted coach, choreographer and producer. She generates enthusiasm, a determination to succeed and makes even the most difficult work fun and something to be enjoyed.

She strives to make dance open to all who wish to participate, and I know that she has taken steps to make this a formal aspect of her stage studios. Many young people who would not have been able to enjoy such fulfilling life experiences, will, because of her commitment and dedication.

She is also a very good communicator, and is able to get across complex concepts clearly to children and adults alike.

The respect and affection shown to Jaide by her staff team and the children and their families is palpable. This has been achieved without any loss in her authority and leadership.


Ex Teacher: 

I came to be involved with Jaide’s Stage Studios, when I applied for a position to teach drama & acting skills together with singing. I was initially invited along to the studios to participate and watch a class in work and before long was involved in assisting with classes and stayed for a year, thoroughly enjoying my role.

Unfortunately and sadly through my own business commitments, I was forced to leave, but when asked to write a character reference for Jaide and her School, I could not have been more pleased. Both Jaide and Sandra input so much work into their school – around the clock- and its their belief that you only get out, what you put in, and their growing organisation speaks volumes.

They are both true ‘people persons’ and a credit to the community who should be proud of such two dedicated teachers.

Jaide is able to handle any task with excellent and clear managerial skills; unique in someone still so young and she makes being there, an absolute pleasure. She is not only caring and friendly with her approach to children, but also with the parents and colleagues too, which makes her a brilliant young person and an inspiration to so many.

To come along so far with a business at such a young age gives me a great sense of pride to be asked to write a reference, and I thank them both for allowing me the pleasure of assisting with classes.


Local Councillor Andy King (Lab):

I have been extremely privileged to have had regular contact with her Studios from the very beginning and have witnessed the transformation of this business venture into a very robust enterprise.

What makes this business so very special is the way Jaide encourages and inspires the children to achieve outstanding results. She does so in a way that helps build confidence in their ability to make progress in their skill levels and in realising their potential.

Jaide is a very talented and gifted dancer and well as a tutor, choreographer and producer. She generates enthusiasm, a determination to succeed and makes even the most difficult work, fun and something to be thoroughly enjoyed.

She strives to make dance ‘open’ to all who wish to participate and I know that she has taken steps to make this a formal aspect of her school. Many young people would not have been able to enjoy such fulfilling life experiences but because of her commitment and dedication she has made this possible for so many.

She is also an excellent communicator and public speaker, and able to express complex concepts clearly to children and adults alike.

The respect and affection shown to Jaide by her students and their families is palpable. This has been achieved without any loss in her authority and brilliant leadership skills.

I have no reservations whatsoever, in recommending Jaide for an award, in particular I personally feel she would be an admirable and worthy winner for any award, a true inspiration and a role model for Rugby and its community.