Jaide’s Stage Studios have been really busy over the last few weeks with a variety of events, ending with their Bi-Annual Medal Day Presentation of Awards, before they break up at the end of July for the Summer holidays

Jaide explained “Our Bi-annual Medal Day held at Rugby College this year was fantastic and ran smoothly from start to finish and all my students performed brilliantly to parents, family & friends. It was also an opportunity for the general public to come along and watch the standard and progress of the student’s work over the past year. The Adjudicator was very positive and gave lovely encouraging comments to all the performers. The students were all awarded with a medal and certificate for each of the subjects which they study and the Adjudicator awarded a trophy to each class, per subject who in her opinion deserved to be recognised.

Earlier in the day, the “commitment class”, who audition for a place in this class performed one of their winning lyrical routines to a version of ‘Drops of Jupiter’ in full costume and to end the day, performed another of their outstanding winning routines to a medley from “The Showman” which received fantastic applause”

Special mentions must go to our trophy winners who were: Zara Ette, Elsie College, Emmie Francis, Gabriela Grzeszczyk, Sophia Brown, Keira Jarrett, Miah Wilkinson, Rebecca Mazere, Karolina Postolska, Martha Kasonso, Larissa Da Silva, Isabelle Henden, Alicja Olczyk, Maya Adeniyi, Mackenzie Wilkinson and Katelyn Howes. Special trophy awards from the whole school were awarded to Summer Harvey who received the ‘runner-up trophy’,  and the ‘Overall Trophy Winner’ of the day went to Isabelle Stewart”.

Classes recommence in September, for details email sandra51c@outlook.com