Jaides Stage Studios has been nominated for ‘Wish 2012’ in the Coventry Evening Telegraph, who are offering us the chance to receive a share of £25,000 to enable us to take our students to perform in Disneyland, Paris.

This is a competition for ‘not-for-profit’ charity groups across Coventry & Warwickshire. The aims and objectives of our charity is to provide free and subsidised placements in dance, drama & singing subject to funding. We do not receive any government funding or assistance from anywhere and with the current economic climate we are finding it very difficult to fund-raise through our own events.

We need to collect tokens from the Coventry Evening Telegraph commencing on Tuesday 2nd October until the 17th November, and the amount of money received will depend on the amount of tokens collected – every group registered is entitled to a share! So the more tokens we collect the bigger share of £25,000 will go to our Disneyland trip.

The tokens will be printed for several weeks and there are only two groups in Rugby who have been nominated!

Please ask your friends, neighbours, relatives etc to start collecting these tokens or if you are buying this paper, please cut out the coupon and place it in the special box in the Newsagents, or drop them into our studio in Market Street.

Your help in collecting these tokens will provide a very special, once in a lifetime opportunity for children who are dedicated in committing their time to achieve in the performing arts. 

Results will be announced in the Coventry Telegraph w/c 21st January 2013. 

Thank you so much for your kind support!! x x x

Coventry Telegraph Wish Campaign